Townsend Bombing Range welcomed members of the local community and the local chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America to hunt deer aboard TBR, Georgia, Nov. 10-11 and Nov. 17-18. Local veterans and hunters were able to hunt, build bonds, and learn a little more about their neighbors at TBR.

Chad and Taylor Lee walk to their hunting blind that was set up for them by range personnel during a deer hunt aboard Townsend Bombing Range, Georgia, Nov. 18. TBR hosted two hunting weekends; one for the Paralyzed Veterans of America and one for local residents, Nov. 10-11 and Nov. 16-17. The hunt provided an opportunity for the local residents to build bonds, enjoy the outdoors and learn about their neighbors at TBR.

“We invite the Paralyzed Veterans of America and our members of the community to come out here and hunt every year,” said Ted Rainwater, the conservation law enforcement officer with TBR. “The Air National Guard who ran the range previously also hosted the hunt so we wanted to continue that tradition. It’s also about the relationships we are building
with the local community.”

The first week of hunting on the range was for the Paralyzed Veterans of America chapter. The range personnel carefully planned out hunting sections and drove the veterans out to hunting blinds that were set prior to the hunt. At lunch time they brought all of the hunters back together for a catered meal and then resumed hunting.

“We always start off with a safety brief, go over the sections each hunter is assigned to and have them sign in,” Rainwater said. “The same 12-14 veterans come out here each year and hunt. I think it’s more about the camaraderie and the brotherhood for the veterans. They get to be in the outdoors with other veterans and tell their stories. It’s always a lot of fun and one of the most rewarding things we get to do here.”

Brutus, the unofficial range dog at Townsend Bombing Range greets local residents and hunters who attended the deer hunt hosted by Townsend Bombing Range, Nov. 17-18. Brutus, owned by one of the range personnel got to greet nearly 23 hunters who attended the event.

The second weekend that the TBR personnel hosted was for local hunters. According to Rainwater there were flyers and sign up information out in town for the last couple of weeks. The hunters could sign up to come onto TBR and hunt. Each day they began with a safety brief and were able to drive or walk out to their assigned area.

“For myself personally I think that being able to facilitate an opportunity for our local community to come here and enjoy the outdoors, hunt, share a meal together and become friends is the best part of my job,” Rainwater said. “When we began this weekend no one knew each other and now by the end of it we had people cooking for each other, having parties together afterward and they got to see what we do here at Townsend Bombing Range.”

Townsend Bombing Range owned and run by Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. It is also the only air-to-ground training range on the East Coast, providing world-class training to every branch of service in the DoD. The close proximity of TBR to MCAS Beaufort allows our pilots to train to deploy without deploying to train. A year round staff of highly qualified range controllers, environmental conservationists and maintenance personnel keep the range operational.