Marine Corps Community Services South Carolina received the Regional Economic Impact Award at
the Tabby Place in downtown Beaufort May 24.

The award was presented by Lockheed Martin and Hargray and hosted by the Beaufort Chamberof Commerce and at their annual Civitas Gala, an awards ceremony, in recognition of MCCS’s economic
impact to the city of Beaufort and the surrounding areas of the Lowcountry.

Harriet Fisher speaks to a participant at the Career, Education, and Health Fair aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort June 19. The Marine Corps Community Services
sponsored event was held so attendees could meet potential employers, college representatives and fitness experts. Fisher is a Kinesiotherapist with MCCS.

“It’s great for the local community to understand the effect that we have on the town,” said Charlotte
Gonzalez, the operations officer for MCCS. “I actually worked for a local company out in town for 19 years before I came to MCCS. Other businesses will look to MCCS to see how they have made an impact
and how to run their business. “

According to their website, MCCS is a comprehensive set of programs that support and enhance the
perational readiness, war fighting capabilities, and quality of life for Marines, their families, retireesand civilians. On Parris Island they offer tours of the base as well as classes such as “Marine 101” where
families of recruits can get a glimpse of the Marine Corps boot camp experience. They also help host the
MCAS Beaufort Air Show which displays an array Marine Corps aviation

“A lot of events that we host help bring customers to the local businesses,” said Gonzalez.
“This award just further recognizes and cements the working relationship between the Tri-command and the community as we move forward.”

On top of hosting several events year round on both Parris Island and MCAS Beaufort, MCCS helps stimulate regional commerce by employing over 652 civilian workers from the local community between both bases.

“I’m originally from Illinois but live in Bluffton,” said Alyssa Karim, a graphic designer with MCCS. “I love working for MCCS. We already have a great track record and this award gives us exposure to be able to promote what happens on the base and makes other people in the community want to work
for MCCS as well.”

During the ceremony, two Marines from the air station were recognized for their contributions to making a positive impact to the Beaufort community. Lance Cpl . Xukai Chi recieved the Junior Enlisted Service Member of the year award, and Sgt. Samaad Mitchell received the Non-Commisioned Officer of the year award.

Throughout the summer, MCCS will continue their mission of supporting Marines, Sailors and their families by organizing the “Semperfit Summer Challenge,” a program that rewards Marines for participating in fitness activities to keep them active all summer.

“The people who work for MCCS are the lifeblood of this company,” Gonzalez said. “Without our amazing employees, we would have never won this award. They truly believe in what we do here and I think they are why we have made such an impact on, not only the bases, but also the local community.”